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When You Don't Have a Focusing Partner

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When You Don't Have a Focusing Partner
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"As a listener you need to know that being with a person in their terms is already a great thing to be doing. Otherwise you will be looking for something more to do instead of putting your heart into just that." Robert Lee, PhD (www.focusingnow.com)

If you know and love Focusing, but don't have a Focusing Partner, I offer inexpensive reflective listening as part of my services. For only $75 an hour, I will keep you company with careful, full-body Focusing listening for 50 minutes, with time at the end for review of your session. You can purchase eight listening sessions for $525, which means you get one session free.
You can pay for this one session at a time. (Contact me if you are having financial difficulties and we'll see what we can arrange.) 
I have recently indulged myself in this way (purchasing listening) and find it to be very powerful and satisfying. Having this amount of time for my Focusing with an experienced listener is really quite a full and moving experience. I highly recommend it.

"To follow the way of the listener, you must be empty.
Set down, beside you, your feelings, knowledge and know-how. When you are already full, how can there be room for the other person?
In emptiness, the listener responds freely to the fullness of the other, sensing the movement of life, the subtle ebb and flow of relational depth.
The empty space is a sacred space, if only we can keep it empty." (www.robfoxcroft.com)

My preferred style of listening is to offer only clear, gentle reflections of what seems most important to you about what you are saying. Hearing one's own words and taking them back inside is a way to feel them freshly and tends to fill them out with deeper meaning, enhancing your Focusing experience with a greater sense of value and richness.

If you want to also receive active Focusing guidance, then I am quite pleased to offer this as well. I can welcome and invite you into your felt experience so you may easily dwell in that space and receive its gifts and wisdom. Allowing ourselves to be guided by an experienced focusing facilitator often helps us break out of patterns and takes us into new directions.
Here is a testimonial from a client who wishes to remain anonymous:
"I treated myself to Suzanne's package deal of eight Listening sessions recently, and found it to be deeply helpful. I was really not doing well. Having had years of severe and disabling mental illness,
I was spiraling down again into a clinical depression, and they not
only helped stop the downward spiral but also helped me grow stronger and further in an amazingly short period of time.  Not only did I feel much better,  but people aroundme immediately noticed the difference.
I cannot recommend more highly this experience of having a set of several intensive Focusing sessions within a short amount of time, with an experienced, excellent, flexible, adaptive, careful, and accurate Listener and Reflector. 
Suzanne was deeply empathetic. When asked, she offered good and fitting suggestions.
I feel very lucky having had this experience, and really admire her for
offering this service to the world." (Anonymous)

You choose what works best for you as you honor your inner being with your Focusing attention and my calm companionship and supportive presence.

"Excellent Listening is one of the greatest gifts [we] can give to anyone, and it is healing, just being a human listening to another human... Most trauma victims naturally start telling their stories. Excellent listening is a way we can let inner healing process start to heal them. We practice just listening with no suggestions, no fixing, no judging. The quality of our listening is like holding the story-teller in kind, calm caring, in which they can begin to find their own calmness." Nina Joy Lawrence

Allowing yourself to purchase Embodied Felt Listening will bring you a deep sense of aliveness and joy. At least, that is what it has been like for me.

I am here. For you.

I would be honored to keep you company as you venture inside to your multi-faceted beingness!


$75 per session for Embodied Listening.

SAVE $75! Purchase eight Listening sessions for only $525! (That's only $52.50 each!)

With Skype, anyone can receive Focusing Listening and/or Coaching anywhere in the world. It's only a call away.