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Part of a letter to Rob Foxcroft (www.robfoxcroft.com)


"No mention of the felt sense, just an invitation for a person to come to their own sensed meaning of experiential focusing".

Deep sigh.

I feel an open space in my chest and a cool opening in my throat. A desire to breathe fully, to fully breathe. And it comes again. Yes. Ah a desire/want to fully breathe this all in, this "their coming to their own sense of it" -- take this new way in so that it grows inside me, my own sense of this.

Allow me to "hold" this about inviting people to come to their own meaning, so I can come to my own meaning about your meaning:

You say it is "Fatal to bring up the concept of felt sense". Hmmm.

What does this mean to me, this idea of it being "fatal"? It kills something? Locks it into a box? Blocks and limits their own inner experience of experiential focusing?



And I am now on a new edge, holding this, and something is coming...a gesture...about a

circular-round-illogical-waiting space,

with my hands circling, holding this about felt senses, that felt senses are what is inside this open circle space...

noticing the openness of it and that it can expand to include more....

and holding this on one side,
the left side,
and, on the other side

my hand open, like "presenting" you to yourself, like saying: "here you are", "you tell me", sigh, breath (body shift), yes, "you tell me what experiential focusing means to you."

Ah, I see.

I can say: "This, this is what Focusing means to me: this expansive open circle space, waiting to be revealed and to reveal its more, to expand into more meaning; BUT, what I am curious about, what I desire, is to know you, to accompany you in your definition, your way, your own precious and unique way of knowing experiential focusing".

Precious. Sigh. Your own precious and unique knowing of experiential focusing.

Oh. There's a welling now in me (a new felt sense), and it comes with a sound, a sigh, a ...hm...


A throaty sound, like,

decadently-chocolate-cake..." sound coming from inside,

a receiving of something long awaited...yes..

yes, yes, yes!

I got what I needed to get!

Thank you, Rob Foxcroft, for inviting me to experience my own experience of your non-teaching.

I sense a furthering in me and in my teaching.

And there is also a smile, regarding education. In 12 Step circles we know that our intelligence often prevents us from actually working what is, indeed, a very simple Program. We are so often told, "you can't figure this out" -- it just works if you work it.

Maybe this just worked
because I worked it.

Blessings onto you.


"Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself. Not whom I want you to be, but to who you are." Antoine de Saint. Exupéry