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The Art of Focusing Partnership
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Felt Sensing and Felt Listening in Relationship

 "Every bad feeling is potential energy toward 
a more right way of being if you give it space 
to move toward its rightness." 
Eugene Gendlin (www.focusing.org) 

Would you like to release yourself from the paralysis of analysis 
so that your life moves forward effortlessly?
Would you like to trust yourself and live more authentically? 
Ever long for new ways of relating to yourself and to others?
You can begin your very own, unique and transforming journey into your inner wisdom.

This intriguing journey into your body's own "whole feel" of something will reveal to you refreshing meaning that immediately "feels good" inside, as if you have shifted into a new kind of living space.

The enjoyable change in how you hold and relate to situations in your life enables you to move forward in your life process.
The insights are quick and feel good!

You already know how to do this. I will simply remind you how to pause so that your natural
wisdom can slowly emerge and come into "Focus".
This practice of waiting for your bodily-felt awareness of something to emerge is called Focusing. 
It is enlightening, grounding, and empowering -- a gentle path of radical change.

THE ART OF FOCUSING PARTNERSHIP: Relating from our embodied self

In addition to having developed the HOW We Heal Model for Recovery Focusing groups, I am a teacher of The Art of Focusing Partnership. This is an egalitarian relationship in which two people exchange Focusing/Listening turns with each other, for equal amounts of time.

I will gladly keep you company as you learn how to Focus In and be with yourself in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.
I will also show  you how you can listen to a Focusing process in a felt, empathic way.
You will learn this new, egalitarian way of exchanging Focusing turns in a relaxed, step-by-step manner
that minimizes theory and gently guides you into your practical, experiential learning.

Developing a practice of Focusing Partnership allows you to clear a space for yourself once a week so that you can be with your unfolding felt experience.
You will be very interested in what new and wonderful things emerge from inside you! 
Focusing regularly in a partnership will enable you to shift out of stuck areas in your life.

You will feel lighter, yet more grounded in yourself,
as you gain clarity and insights
that illuminate the action steps you need to take
to more fully become the person you have always wanted to be: Yourself! 

You will laugh, you will cry, you will be delightfully surprised.
Focusing will alleviate you of many fears and burdens. Your life will become more...alive.
 You will gain self esteem and self confidence. 
Best of all, you can relax.
I will guide you at first. Teach you how to Focus In slowly, a little bit at a time, either in a one-on-one session with me or through a workshop/class. 

Here is what someone recently wrote about working with me:

"Her deeply-warm voice, the texture of good melted chocolate;
her guiding presence like encircling arms-- firmly there, yet spaciously allowing.
Suzanne's listening helps what is in me to move and settle, finding its own right pace...
As the afternoon sun settles on my desk, my felt sense wakes up
to the sounds of early morning Costa Rican birds on their plump leaves.
As I reflect on this experience of being guided into Focusing by Suzanne,
what comes is a sweet, perfectly full, Thank You."
(Catherine Johnson, Clinical Psychologist,
Accredited Focusing Trainer and Therapist)

This is what one student wrote after one session with me:

"I thought I was pretty good at getting answers from inside me,
having used Reiki and EFT and TAT to do emotional healing with great success over the years.
But what I learned this morning, following on from my experience yesterday during the session with Suzanne,
is that my approach until today had lacked an incredibly important ingredient:
compassion for the part of me that was in pain.
Instead my approach had unwittingly been "I'm going to do what I have to to make this go away".
What we resist persists, and when we can bring compassion to it,
we are no longer resisting it, and it has the possibility of simply melting away,

You can either take a one-to-one course with me or obtain a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership document
by taking a 10 month course with a group. Let me know which interests you most.
You are so welcome into my heart as my student and companion.
I am honored to journey with you into our inner realms of experiencing.