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Below are my rates for individual sessions. Workshop rates vary according to the workshop.

I am mostly working with groups now.
I will, however, meet with you for personalized training on basic Focusing/Listening skills.

After four initial sessions sessions, we will both evaluate whether we wish to continue
for four more training sessions in listening and in Focusing partnership. If I sense
it may not work for either one of us to continue, I will recommend another Focusing Professional.

Between 8 and 5 p.m. Eastern, my rates are $75 an hour.
At 6 and 7 p.m. Eastern my rates are $85 an hour.
I do not work after 7 p.m. Eastern because I am an early riser.
Likewise, at 6 or 7 a.m. Eastern, my rates are $85 an hour.

If you cancel at least eight hours before our session, there is no charge.
If you cancel with less than eight hours notice or do not show up, I will have
to charge you half price for the first time. 
The second time, I will charge you for a full session.

Likewise, if I miss our session without notice, I will give you a free
half hour (charge you half price for our next session).
I am a Focusing Trainer and Guide and a Certifying Coordinator. I am also a Recovery Focusing and Wellness Circles Group Facilitator.
As such, I do not offer suggestions, interpretations, or feedback on your personal issues. 
My role is primarily to teach you Focusing, or, if you are already an advanced Focuser, I am happy to offer
embodied listening with minimal guiding into your felt experience, as needed or requested. 
I am not a therapist. If you are needing professional support or advice that goes beyond Focusing training/guiding,
please contact a Focusing Oriented Therapist,
Thank you for your interest in Loving At The Edge Focusing!