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A HISTORY OF RECOVERY FOCUSING. Article Published in The Focusing Institute's Journal, The Folio

Focus IN Recovery - Mutual Support

Enjoy this RECOVERY FOCUSING powerpoint with my original collages.

Are you a Counselor working in the field of addiction?

Would you like to facilitate groups that consistently have a positive shift forward, groups that bring you great joy and satisfaction?
Do you wish you had a way of processing issues that allows you to find clarity and an inner sense of serenity, despite outer stressors?

Are you a 12 Stepper?
Would you like to bring some freshness and movement into your recovery Program?  
Ever long for a new practice that can enliven and lighten up your life  with deeply-felt energy and satisfaction?
Join me on an exciting adventure into your own inner FEEL of Recovery during one of two intensely alive workshops.
1. STEPPING STONES TO HEALING: Discovering our Inner Experience of Recovery (Starts Mon. Sept 17, 2018 at 9 a.m. Eastern)
Each of these courses explores the nature of the addictive (skipped) process with Focusing. 
These highly enjoyable workshops will enable you to:
  • Access inner Resourcing practices that ground us in well being.
  • Sense into each Step (or Principle) of Recovery while learning practical tools for living.
  • Enjoy the rich and thick FEEL of the BEST OF RECOVERY.
  • Discover the Power of Focusing while learning several aspects of it.


Webinar courses STEPPING STONES TO HEALING and H.O.W. To Facilitate Recovery Focusing Groups

run for 10 consecutive weekly webinar sessions via Zoom conferencing.



Felt Sensing frees us to move forward in our life and to have a compassionate, creative relationship with ourselves and others.

It enables us to ground ourselves in Presence to process feelings and situations in a safe, spacious way, gaining access to our body's inner wisdom.

We heal old wounds and begin truly loving life and living as our authentic self.

We learn how to listen fully and tenderly to another person in a safe, compassionate way.

We simply feel better!


WHAT: Both the Recovery Focusing course and the Stepping Stones to Healing course will 

Use my H.O.W. We Heal model.  We will


  • Resource ourselves with a positive felt experience;
  • Dip into the addictive pattern we are exploring; and
  • Welcome the wonderful feel of Recovery each time!


I will introduce and discuss a new Focusing Practice for each workshop; such as, the P.A.U.S.E., Felt Listening; Clearing a Space, Self Empathy, Facilitative Language, Shift Questions, etc. Suggestions for ways to apply Focusing to our daily life will be sent in writing after each workshop in addition to the workshop notes. 



This 10 session Webinar INTENSIVE will

  • Enable 12 Steppers to feel into the Principles of the Steps in this new, amazing, bodily-felt way;
  • Help non-12 Steppers understand and experience the Steps;
  • Teach you H.O.W. to Facilitate these kinds of Wellness Circles.
  • Show you how to integrate Felt Sensing into your life to unblock your aliveness and joy.
  •  Enable you to sustain a healthy, egalitarian, mutually-supportive Focusing Partnership.


I facilitated Recovery Focusing groups two to four times a week at Costa Rica Recovery Center for six years and have been teaching these H.O.W. to Facilitate Recovery Focusing Groups courses for over eight years.

Each group experience leaves me and the clients feeling light, refreshed, free from tension, and with a powerful feel of the best of recovery.

I now am devoted to teaching people H.O.W. To Facilitate these groups while exploring a personal pattern that is difficult to change.



This 10-session course borrows strategies from Dr. Robert Lee's Changing the Unchangeble workshop, combines them with my H .O. W. We Heal Model, and adds some of the principles of Twelve Step Recovery without using the language or Steps. This is for non-Twelve Steppers who wish to explore their addictive process with Focusing and Felt Listening in a group.  


WHEN: Starts on Mon. Sept 17, 2018, at 9 a.m. Eastern; 7 a.m. Costa Rica.

I usually organize these courses once someone has contacted me about them. All I need is two people because I enjoy working in small, intimate settings. 

Each Telephone conference workshop is usually two hours long (though some may be shorter if the group is small).

We will be using Zoom which is simple to use via your computer or telephone.

Each workshop will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

You will receive a document after each workshop highlighting the functions and principles of the Stepping Stone (or Step) and of the Focusing movements practiced. This document will offer suggestions for applications of Focusing in your daily life. 


We will be Focusing in a group way, so that we can benefit from the group experience and the group's inner wisdom.



The cost is quite inexpensive: only $40 per workshop if you pay all at once: $400. You if you prefer to pay as you go, it is $45 per workshop (only $50 more).

 You will receive a Certificate of Participation from me, and a PDF version of my "Recovery Focusing Manual."

After the first four workshops, some of you may be willing to form a Recovery Focusing Partnership to exchange Felt Sensing/Felt Listening turns to help you explore and practice all that we are learning. This is recommended but not obligatory.

Those who wish to continue for six more monthly workshops with partnership exchanges and supervision/coaching with me, will receive a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Document (which can be applied as a first year toward Certification as a Focusing Trainer).


Felt Sensing into Recovery enables us to live it, now, and experience its wonderful feel inside us, with our whole being.

It's a natural high!

By enabling us to connect to our deeper knowing, to others, and to a greater sense of "all that is,”

Recovery Focusing strengthens, enhances, and moves our Recovery forward dramatically yet gently.



Suzanne L. Noël, CFT, CC





Contact me about my one-year RECOVERY FOCUSING course as a first-year toward Certification as a Focusing Practitioner (Guide and Trainer).
This course offers you an opportunity to get an experiential understanding of both Focusing AND the Twelve Steps
while offering you a unique opportunity to work on an addictive process, like love addiction, codependency, or overeating.
If you are interested, please contact me so I may place you on my waiting list.

For experienced 12 Steppers, RECOVERY FOCUSING offers you an eight-week training program in

Focusing Partnership is the practice of processing issues and situations in your life which need attention
with another Focuser who is your safe listener, and to whom you listen when s/he Focuses.
It is an egalitarian relationship of mutual support that enables us to gain rapid insights
and to find solutions/action steps that shift us into a deeper sense of serenity.

Learning Focusing Partnership skills will enable you to process issues in your life that need attention WHILE YOU LEARN a skill that can be practiced with any other Focuser in the future.
Best of all, you will be heard, listened to by a safe, caring companioning.
This listening will enable you to go deeper into your experiencing to find more precious meaning.

E-mail me at recoveryfocusing@gmail.com (or inner_wisdoms@yahoo.com) to get more information.

The RECOVERY FOCUSING mini-course is 10 sessions long and serves as a launching pad into your recovery journey.
It serves as an introduction to both the 12 Steps and to Focusing. It is not meant to replace a traditional Twelve Step Fellowship.
The best is yet to come.


Email: inner_wisdoms@yahoo.com

Pay now $400!


Check out my book, "Loving At the Edge: Recovery Emerging"

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