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"Working with Suzanne has been a highlight of my introduction to focusing. Her availability, openness, and generosity together with her non-judgmental and gentle coaching, has made the learning and practicing of focusing a special experience. She is a warm, caring and talented coach with enormous skill and an outstanding ability to impart that skill." (Catherine Aaron, Psychologist, Cape Town, SA)

I offer easy, inexpensive, individual Focusing training in person or by phone. This training involves an eight-week commitment to a once-a-week training session which will guide you through the major areas of Domain Focusing and Focusing Partnership. This will enable you to thereafter practice focusing on your own, or in partnership, which greatly enhances the process and is highly recommended.

I also offer a 12 Week "Enlivening Recovery" workshop/course which teaches you Focusing Partnership *while* you work through the 12 Steps of Recovery in an area of your choice; for example, love addiction, compulsive spending, codependency, alcoholism, etc.
This enjoyable course can give therapists an experiential understanding of both 12 Step Programs and Focusing.

A longer, one-year Course in Recovery Focusing Co-Sponsorship is also available for those who wish to further their recovery while become skilled and competent Focusers, capable of integrating the intricacies of Domain Focusing into their Focusing Partnership and/or coaching/therapy. This course can be applied toward your training to become a Certified Focusing Trainer.
Individual Listening with or without Guiding is also available for experienced Focusers who seek to break out of their own "blind spots" or Focusing patterns. The emphasis remains on respectful, reflective, full-body listening, with minimal guidance added on to further deepen the experience and provide new perspective.


Includes the following aspects of Focusing:

- Being with and defining the Felt Sense;

- Exploring Avenues of Felt Sensing:

Physical (texture & shape), gestures, body posture,

metaphor, imagery, emotional tone, inner dialog.

- The Three Domains of Focusing:

The Thinking Domain: Clearing a Space and Naming the

The Felt Sensing Domain: Entering and Shifting.

The Self Empathy Domain: Positive Care.

- Embodied, fresh Listening.

- Closure.

You may, of course, just want to try out a few sessions at a time, without the eight-week commitment. Focusing is always FOR YOU. It is your time to be with yourself in a respectful and empathic way. You choose what path feels most comfortable, and I am happy to accommodate accordingly.

Here is someone else's experience of working with me:

"When I reflect on my Focusing coaching with Suzanne, I have a great sense of movement and of being held steady within this. Focusing with her allows for a full range of expression, like playing all the keys on a piano, right from the faintest top note to the deepest bottom key. She listens, guides and teaches with ease and clarity. Her full, open presence in the process allowed me to feel safe in expanding and opening myself. I left each session with Suzanne with a rich sense of wonder and gratitude."
(Ingrid Owens, Clinical Psychologist, Cape Town South Africa)

With Skype (see www.skype.com) we can focus online for free. If you get a few people together, your focusing experience will be greatly enhanced (and your price per hour lowered significantly!).

My rates are affordable:

In the USA $75 for a 50-minute session, with a few minutes to review.

Eight-week basic training package: $525/8 sessions (one session free!)

If you live in Costa Rica, we can negotiate a price based on local income levels.
Also, if you are low on cash, speak to me and we may work something out.
Quite affordable. Easy to learn. Life Changing.

Once you learn it, you can focus for free with a partner anywhere!


Email me at inner_wisdoms@yahoo.com

I look forward to keeping you company on your exciting focusing journey.

Try your first session for only $75 for a full hour of Guided Focusing.

Purchase an eight-session package for only $525 & get one session for free!

SPECIAL OFFER: Three sessions for only $200

Send me an email so that we can set up a training schedule that works best for you. You may wish to blend personal sessions with phone sessions. Phone sessions do work! Plus, they allow you to focus in the comfort and privacy of your own home.